HOMEEMITY is an easy way to make your home lightning smart, enabling you to control it with voice commands or your phone.

Our solution is compatible with Amazon Alexa, using it’s proven voice recognition capabilities.

Check out our skill in the Alexa Store:


over your lightning

Easy to set up and control

Simple step by step set up process and ability to use the voice or your phone to control the lightning simplifies your life


We took security very serious while developing our product. Your data is kept safe and no one will have access to your devices.

Simplify your light

Enjoy the convenience of smart connected lightning.

Group and create Routines

Group and create Routines Create groups of lamps, allowing you to say “Alexa, turn on the kitchen”, using Routines you can make your lamp turn on at the same time you wake up

Adjust the light as you wish

With four channels, you can create the lamp you want. Available in: Single Channel, Dynamic White, RGB and RGBW.


with HOMEEMITY ecosystem


  • What do you need?

    • An Alexa Echo device (eg. Echo Dot)
    • A Wi-Fi network with an active internet connection
    • A HOMEEMITY Device connected to a LED module.
  • Ease of use thanks to Alexa

    Being compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, HOMEEMITY uses it’s proven voice recognition algorithms and allows you to use all of the features Alexa provides like grouping devices and creating Routines

  • Security and Usability

    Our own HOMEEMITY CLOUD, built on top of the Amazon’s AWS, delivers the security you expect. Our product is secure and clone-proof.

  • You have an idea for a light? We have the solution

    Contact us at homeemity@homeemity.com for more information and a free sample to test our solution.

Download Application

                             Check out our skill in the Alexa Store:


While we created HOMEEMITY to have the best user experience, we understand that some people might have a problem or two during the configuration.

This tutorial will guide you in every step needed to enjoy your HOMEEMITY controlled device!

This tutorial is divided into three steps:

  • Configuration of the HOMEEMITY device
  • Enabling the HOMEEMITY Skill and linking your account.
  • Using your HOMEEMITY device